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Schumpeter School of Business and Economics

Internationale Wirtschaft und Regionalökonomik

Bergische Universität Wuppertal



Prof. Dr. Falko Jüßen
Schumpeter School of Business and Economics
Raum: K.12.13
Gaußstraße 20
42119 Wuppertal
Tel: +49 (0)202 / 439 - 5113
E-Mail: juessen{at}




Man-cessions, Fiscal Policy, and the Gender Composition of Employment,
with Christian Bredemeier and Roland Winkler,
Economics Letters (forthcoming),
This version: May 2017. Appendix

Happiness and the Persistence of Income Shocks,
with Christian Bayer,
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 7, 2015, 160-187.

Default Risk Premia on Government Bonds in a Quantitative Macroeconomic Model,
with Ludger Linnemann and Andreas Schabert,
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with Benjamin Born and Gernot Müller,
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The Life-Cycle and the Business-Cycle of Wage Risk: A Cross-Country Comparison,
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Assortative Mating and Female Labor Supply,
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A Distribution Dynamics Approach to Regional GDP Convergence in Unified Germany,
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Convergence in West German Regional Unemployment Rates,
with Christian Bayer,
German Economic Review, 8, 510-535, 2007.

Interregional Risk Sharing and Fiscal Redistribution,
Papers in Regional Science, 85(2), 235-255, 2006.

Recent Working Papers


Estimating labor supply elasticties with joint borrowing constraints of couples,
Revised version: February 2018
with Christian Bredemeier and Jan Gravert
Download Web Appendix

Fiscal Multipliers and Monetary Policy: Reconciling Theory and Evidence,
with Christian Bredemeier and Andreas Schabert,
Revised version: University of Cologne Working Paper Series in Economics No. 95, May 2017. Additional Online Appendix.

Fiscal Policy and Occupational Employment Dynamics,
with Christian Bredemeier and Roland Winkler,
Revised version: October 2017




Book Review: Schumpeter on the Economics of Innovation and the Development of Capitalism - By Arnold Heertje
Papers in Regional Science, 86(2), 335-337, 2007.

Co-Editorship: Potential Growth and Potentials for Growth in Europe: Innovation, Productivity, and Monetary Integration,
with Christoph Meister, Michael H. Stierle, and Jan Van Hove (Eds.), LIT Verlag, 2008.


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